Renan Bernardo

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer

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"The Small Shop of Me" - Daily Science Fiction

"Curselifter" - Dark Recesses Press Vol. 6 #16, 2022

"The Norms From Up Here" - The Dread Machine #2.2, 2022

"Anticipation of Hollowness" - Escape Pod #834, 2022

(Reprint and Audio)

"The Whittler" - Translunar Travelers Lounge #6, 2022

"Look to the Sky, My Love" - Solarpunk Magazine #1, 2022

2021 and before

"Soil of Our Home, Storm of Our Lives" - Apex Magazine #128, 2021

"Premium Resurrection Pack - $99"Simultaneous Times, Ep. 45, 2021

(Audio only)

"When It's Time To Harvest" – Imagine 2200 - Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors, 2021

"The Time Traveler's Delivery" Simultaneous Times, Vol. 2.5, 2021

Callis Praedictionem - Dark Matter Magazine 005, 2021

"Anticipation of Hollowness" - World Science Fiction #2, Future Fiction, 2021

"Even Though You're No More"Three Crows Year Two, 2021


"The Time Traveler's Delivery" Simultaneous Times, Ep. 38, 2021

(Audio only)

"Even Though You're No More"Three Crows Magazine #8, 2020

Portuguese and other languages

"Boden unserer Heimat, Sturm unseres Lebens" Future Fiction Magazine #2, 2022

(in German)

"O Rio que Passou em Minha Vida" - Dame Blanche, 2021

(in Portuguese)

"O Unboxing de Pandora" Faísca, Third Season, 2021

(in Portuguese)

"É ela"De Pontapés, Itaú Cultural, 2020

(in Portuguese)

Arte como Respiro Award Winner

"Previsione di Vuoto"Solarpunk - Come Ho Imparato Ad Amare Il Futuro, Future Fiction, edited by Fabio Fernandes and Francesco Verso, translated by Stefano Ternavasio, 2020

(in Italian)

"A Norma Aqui de Cima"A Taverna #1, 2019

2020 Odisseia Award Finalist

2020 Argos Award Finalist

(in Portuguese)

"QR" – Vilões, Editora Wish, 2017

(in Portuguese)

"Defeito na Cama Gelada" – Fogo de Prometeu, Editora Andross, 2016

Nominated for the 2017 Strix Award

(in Portuguese)

"Sol em um Mundo de Trolls"Self-Published, 2016

(in Portuguese)

"A Sala do Tempo" – Editora Madrepérola, 2016

Wattys 2014 winner

(in Portuguese)