"Wet Socks Drying in the Tide" – Solarpunk Magazine [2024]

"Anticipation of Hollowness" (comic book) – Android Press [2024]

"Curselifter" (reprint) – Tales to Terrify [2024]

"Disgraced Return of the Kap's Needle" – Dark Matter Ink [May 2025]


"The Plasticity of Being" – Reactor Magazine (formerly

"Complete Log of Week 893819 - Dana's Story"Apex Magazine #143

"The Walking Mirror of the Soul" (reprint) – Escape Pod #932

"Premium Resurrection Pack - $99"Worlds of IF #177

"The Offer of Peace Between Two Worlds" – Diabolical Plots #109

"The Wattled Goddess" – Andromeda Spaceways #93

"Different Kinds of Defiance"Short Story Collection, Android Press


"Look to the Sky, My Love" (reprint) – 2022 Best of Utopian Speculative Fiction

"A Lifeline of Silk" – Robotic Ambitions: Tales of Mechanical Sentience

"Rift" – Crepuscular Magazine #1

"Faster Than Light Can Carry You" Simultaneous Times Vol. 3

"The Whittler" (reprint) – Gwyllion Magazine #6

"The Throat of San Dante" – Planet Scumm Magazine #15 - Arcana Major

"The Eight Hundred Legs of the Rio-Niterói Bridge" (reprint) – Etherea Magazine #17

"Eight Steps to Steal a Yacht and Build a Hospital" – Solarpunk Magazine #8

"A Short Biography of a Conscious Chair" – Samovar Magazine (Feb. 27th)

"The Dog Star Killer" – Life Beyond Us

"When It's Time to Harvest" (reprint) Afterglow: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors


"Great-Granny Bethany's Memories of Space" – Future Science Fiction #17

"A Shoreline of Oil and Infinity"Escape Pod #863

"The Walking Mirror of the Soul" – Apex Magazine #134

"Callis Praedictionem" (reprint)Etherea Magazine #15

"You Blossoms of Their Seeds" Wyldblood Magazine #10

"Days of Bedlam and Rebellion in Vilerma"  – Mafaverna in partnership with the National Democratic Institute

"Soil of Our Home, Storm of Our Lives" (reprint)Apex Magazine - Year 2021 Anthology

"時間旅行者の宅配便" / "The Time Traveler's Delivery" (reprint and translation to Japanese) – Rikka Zine #1

"Five Questions for the Monthly Routine Check of FTL Drive Chief Operators" – OnSpec Magazine #120

"Curselifter" – Dark Recesses Press Vol. 6 #16

"The Small Shop of Me" – Daily Science Fiction

"The Eight Hundred Legs of the Rio-Niterói Bridge" – Podcastle #737

"The Norms From Up Here" – The Dread Machine #2.2

"Anticipation of Hollowness" (reprint and audio) Escape Pod #834

"The Whittler" – Translunar Travelers Lounge #6

"Look to the Sky, My Love" – Solarpunk Magazine #1


"Soil of Our Home, Storm of Our Lives" – Apex Magazine #128

"Premium Resurrection Pack - $99"Simultaneous Times, Ep. 45 (Audio)

"When It's Time to Harvest" Imagine 2200 - Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors

"Callis Praedictionem" – Dark Matter Magazine #5

"Anticipation of Hollowness" – World Science Fiction #2 - Reloading the Future

"The Time Traveler's Delivery"Simultaneous Times, Ep. 38 (Audio)

"Even Though You're No More" (reprint) Three Crows Year Two: Anthology of Weird Science Fiction and Fantasy


"Even Though You're No More"Three Crows Magazine #8

Portuguese and other languages


"Um Poema de Anas"  Revista Humanos #2

"Presságio de Solidão" – Editora Plutão

"Breve Biografia de uma Cadeira Lúcida" – Samovar Magazine


"Dias de Balbúrdia e Rebelião em Vilerma"  Mafaverna

"Lamentos de uma Vida Servil"  – Faísca, Sixth Season

"時間旅行者の宅配便" / "The Time Traveler's Delivery" – Rikka Zine #1 [reprint and translation to Japanese]

"Boden unserer Heimat, Sturm unseres Lebens"  Future Fiction Magazine #2 [German]


"Cinco Perguntas para a Auditoria de Operadores de Unidades Supraluminares"  – Faísca, Fourth Season

"O Rio que Passou em Minha Vida" Editora Dame Blanche

"O Unboxing de Pandora"Faísca, Third Season


"É ela"De Pontapés, Itaú Cultural

"Previsione di Vuoto" Solarpunk - Come Ho Imparato Ad Amare Il Futuro, Future Fiction, edited by Fabio Fernandes and Francesco Verso, translated by Stefano Ternavasio, 2020 [Italian]


"A Norma Aqui de Cima"A Taverna #1


"QR" – Vilões, Editora Wish


"Defeito na Cama Gelada" – Fogo de Prometeu,  Editora Andross 

"Sol em um Mundo de Trolls" Amazon KDP, Self-Published

"A Sala do Tempo"Editora Madrepérola