Renan Bernardo is a Brazilian writer of science fiction and fantasy, writing in English and Portuguese.

His work has been published in English, Portuguese, Italian, and (soon) Chinese. He's also a SFWA member.

You can find his stories in several publications, including Apex Magazine, Solarpunk Magazine, Dark Matter Magazine, Translunar Travelers Lounge, and Daily Science Fiction.

In Brazil, his short story A Norma Aqui de Cima, was a finalist both for the 2020 Odisseia Award and the 2020 Argos Award. In 2021, he published a novelette in Portuguese set in a deeply changed Rio de Janeiro impacted by climate change.

Board games, history, science, and rock are other of his passions. He's graduated in Computing Engineering and works in a project that one day might cast the Earth in a black hole.

He lives in Rio de Janeiro, but you can find him in the virtual world: @RenanBernardo