2022 Awards Eligibility

If you're voting for the Hugos, the Nebulas, or other SFF awards, below you can find my eligible work published in 2022.

Below each story, you can find some keywords that might pique your interest. Feel free to reach me out if you have any questions, want to talk about a story, or prefer to read any one of them in other file format.

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Short Story category

"The Eight Hundred Legs of the Rio-Niterói Bridge" – Podcastle #737 (June, 2022)

  • Fantasy, historical fiction, civil works, historical erasure, journalism, stone creatures

Rio-Niterói bridge is the most important bridge in Rio de Janeiro. It was built during the most harsh period of Brazil's military dictatorship. During its construction, 100s of workers were concreted alive; forever unacknowledged while the government squealed about progress.

In 1992, journalist Geraldo, whose father died during the bridge’s construction, learns about strange sightings and wrecks near the bridge’s columns. He’s going to investigate… But sometimes, the past resurfaces to be acknowledged.

"The Walking Mirror of the Soul" Apex Magazine #134 (November, 2022)

  • Aliens, thoughts, philosophy, space, criminal investigation, romantic relationships

In Teresa Station, Isabela has a crime to solve. But her mind drifts to other matters as she knows her fiancée is keeping an important secret from her. With the help of a friend, Isabela will come to understand a lot more about her feelings and her thoughts, and perhaps even solve the crime she's paid to solve. Her friend is called Halcyon, a Vonkrai, a race of aliens that project other people's thoughts on their skin and have particular views on what thinking and feeling means.

"The Norms From Up Here" – The Dread Machine #2.2 (May, 2022)

  • Brazilian favelas, language, dystopia, cyberpunk, implants, social inequality

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  • This one is a Pushcart Prize nominee!

In a Rio de Janeiro where language is controlled by the state, Abá wants to enroll her daughter in a school. But she needs to graduate in high school herself first, so she needs to speak according to the Norm. But she wasn't born with the proper education, reserved for the elites. She wasn't born in the "right" place, with the "right" skin, with the "right" opportunities. So she decides to implant the Normalizer in her head. It allows her to route her thoughts and words to speak properly. Things go south when she's reported to the authorities.

"Great-Granny Bethany's Memories of Space" – Future Science Fiction #17

  • Space opera, old age, disabled protagonist, romantic relationship

Bethany is 98 years old when she decides to leave Earth for good. She'll leave her family behind and embark on the Afterlife ship known as Blissboat. She'll travel throughout space only to find out there's still a en entire life to live out there, forcing her to battle her own decisions and feelings as she meets fellow traveler Abdul.

"Look to the Sky, My Love" – Solarpunk Magazine #1 (January, 2022)

  • Sustainability, environment, green energy, Brazilian culture, dance, party, mechas, loss, grief

Solândia's June Party is a place of unrestricted happiness. It's where people go for joy and love, friendship and fun (and also regional food, of course). It's also what powers entire communities with the kinetic energy of dance. But when you look at it through the eyes of grief, everything looks different and supressed memories start to sprout. But look… you've got a love mail and it's time to follow the clues and find its meaning.

"The Whittler" – Translunar Travelers Lounge #6 (February, 2022)

  • Secondary world fantasy, words, spriggans, transformation, creation, magic

The Shapesayers are creatures capable of narrating things into life, from objects to their own partners. But The Whittler has the Shapesayers under her grasp and will demand certain things from them… Otherwise, she may whittle their bodies with words and prevent them from speaking them, hindering their power to create!

"A Shoreline of Oil and Infinity" – Escape Pod #863 (November, 2022)

  • Solarpunk, hopepunk, Brazilian culture, loss, distance, pollution, climate change

When the oil spill from a supertanker ravaged Saquarema's beaches, Vitória found her town profoundly changed. The tourists and citizens went away, the flora and fauna vanished, and the once beautiful white sands are now blotched in blackness. But she has the ingenuity to change this scenario, even if slowly, while she deals with the absence of her brother, a fisherman who disappeared along with the fishes.

"The Small Shop of Me" – Daily Science Fiction (June, 2022)

  • Cyberpunk, body transformation, dystopia, extreme capitalism

Olaf starts selling parts of himself to keep his brother alive without knowing how much of himself he can give; and how much of us can turn into commodities.

"Days of Bedlam and Rebellion in Vilerma" – Mafaverna in partnership with the National Democratic Institute (October, 2022)

  • Secondary world fantasy, democracy, education, portal fantasy, adventure, high fantasy

The Scholar is arriving in Vilerma. Legends tell of that wanderer, a woman wearing a hood and grey clothes, coming from Eriná. She brings something to the struggling kingdoms of the Wide Cerrados. For some, she brings ruin and destruction. For others, she brings smiles and a glimpse into the future.

Anatélia, the Scholar, is a portaller from Eriná, and using her ability to open up portals she'll try to shed some light into the town of Vilerma, building rooms focused on education. But she'll face resistance from the rough captain of the guard and from the king himself, Anatélia's father.

"Five Questions for the Monthly Routine Check of FTL Drive Chief Operators" – OnSpec Magazine #120 (September, 2022)

  • Space opera, unusual format, space travel, asteroid mining, father/daughter

When you leave your job for a shitty job in a miner spaceship, you know you're doing what you don't want. In the form of a professional examination, this story delves deeply in the mind of someone longing for his daughter, for home, and for everything he needed to leave behind.

"You Blossoms of Their Seeds" Wyldblood Magazine #10 (October, 2022)

  • Second person, idea story, pregnancy, parenthood, health

What would happen if women (and people with an uterus in general) could get pregnant through spores in the air, released by men? How would the world be different?

"Curselifter" Dark Recesses Press Vol. 6 #16 (July, 2022)

  • Dark fantasy, horror, suffering, secondary world fantasy, grimdark

Munzur walks across the Wretched Lands cursing people for coins so she can properly bury her family in the Towers of the Dead. With the memory of her agonizing brother still vivid in her mind, she receives an invitation from a Merchant Lord to curse his own daughter.