2023 Awards Eligibility

If you're voting for the Hugos, the Nebulas, or other SFF awards, below you can find my eligible work published in 2023

Below each story, you can find some keywords that might pique your interest. Feel free to reach me out if you have any questions, want to talk about a story, or prefer to read any one of them in other file format.

Thank you for considering it!

Novelette category

"A Short Biography of a Conscious Chair" – Samovar Magazine (February)

Join an elegant chair as it’s born in the hands of a carpenter to its life in the living room of a turmoiling family!

"This lovely story is exactly what it says on the tin: 8400 words of the life of an oak chair. The chair is constructed by a master craftswoman, spends time forgotten and discarded, then is purchased by a wealthy older man. The family the chair has been brought into is fractured due to the actions of its patriarch, and the chair witnesses the ramifications. As sad as this story is, it ends with a sense of fulfillment, of understanding that you can spend the rest of your life letting someone else dictate your own emotional health or you can find a way to move through it."

Alex Brown - Tor.com Must-Read Speculative Fiction

Short Story category

"Eight Steps to Steal a Yacht and Build a Hospital" – Solarpunk Magazine #8 (March)

Hamilton wants to fulfill the dreams of his wife and of his hospital-farm co-op of having a mobile hospital around the canals of Rio de Janeiro. For that, he’ll do something dangerous: stealing the yacht of Fraj0linha, a wealthy alt-right influencer. Eight Steps to Steal a Yacht and Build a Hospital is a fast-paced narrative about the power of resilience, and what love (for someone or for your community) can do even in dire times.

"The Dog Star Killer" – Life Beyond Us (April)

A massive interstellar dust cloud approaches Earth. Lana must struggle with the hard choice of investigating it (and finding out why her mother disappeared in it) while she finds out how to deal with the life she carries within her belly. Told in different timelines, The Dog Star Killer is a story about love, motherhood, old age, and the thrill of new discoveries.

"The Throat of San Dante" – Planet Scumm Magazine #15 - Arcana Major (April)

The Throat of San Dante is set in San Dante, a city that is always changing with nanobots called nanofacturers. According to economic algorithms, entire neighborhoods are evacuated and transformed overnight. As Rita tries to convice the aunt she dislikes (but raised her like a mother) to move out of her apartment, she’ll find out many things about herself, her aunt, and her city.

"Faster Than Light Can Carry You"Simultaneous Times Vol. 3 (September)

Gustav is more than a member of his crew. In the Mermaid, Gustav is part of the FTL drive. Without him, the ship can't jump and will befall on the hands of the Chiefs, savage humans that sprawl through the galaxy in an mindless chase. But after each jump, Gustav leaves behind a part of himself, his memories, and all he holds dear. While he struggles with his decisions, he'll have to deal with Lorraine, his daughter, and Captain Horvat, the commander of the Mermaid, to decide whether he'll expire his body and mind in order to save the Mermaid's crew.

"A Lifeline of Silk"Robotic Ambitions: Tales of Mechanical Sentience (November)

DocSpider is the autodoc of the Paraty generational spaceship. And it's seeing things that are bothering it. Paulo and Leandro are the exobiologists designated for the current period of research aboard the spaceship. And they love each other. Or… do they? As DocSpider observes and learns the intricacies of that feeling it's not supposed to feel, it starts to want to do more for the couple. Like getting rid of Paulo.