2024 Awards Eligibility

If you're voting for the Hugos, Nebulas, Locus, WFA or any other SFF award, you can find below my eligible work published in 2024

Below each story, you will find some keywords that might pique your interest. Feel free to reach me out if you have any questions, want to talk about a story, or prefer to read any one of them in other file format.

Thank you for considering it!

Short Story category

"The Offer of Peace Between Two Worlds" – Diabolical Plots #109 (February)

The Offer of Peace Between Two Worlds is a ship and an offer. Alberto is a boy and a captain. None of them wants to be those things.

"The Plasticity of Being" Reactor Magazine (formerly Tor.com) (April)

Elisa Assunção is back in São João da Campânula after many years, reluctant to confront the past. As a freelance journalist, she has finally gathered the courage to tell the story of the landfill’s inhabitants and their dietary customs. Years ago, as a PR specialist, Elisa battled for the project to happen: an enzyme designed to allow humans to digest plastic, challenging the world to consider that allowing people to nibble on plastic bottle caps was a more humane alternative to starvation. Now, Elisa has some realities to face—that of the people whose lives she has profoundly impacted; that of her mother, who knew the austerity of hunger and humiliation and refused to support her daughter on her choices; her own, for having believed in wealth-stuffed dreams.

"Complete Log of Week 893819 - Dana's Story" Apex Magazine #143 (March)

Dana wants to tell her adoption myth like all the kids in the orphan home. For that, she wants LAIR’s help. LAIR is everything. It’s the constant presence in the kids’ minds, it’s the one who feeds them, and it’s the only parent they ever had. But it seems it has other plans now… After LAIR disappears, Lana is both furious and curious, so she decides to venture further and further into the woods that surround the orphan home just to find out things are not quite what they seem.

"The Wattled Goddess" Andromeda Spaceways #93 (January)

Kissare travels across the desert, her body the vessel for the goddess Epidemya. At the whims of Werius, the deacon, Kissare transports diseases, sucking them out from the “good people” and transfering them to prisoners of wars and criminals. She does that to preserve the life of Orjiel, the old and decaying poet, the only person she has ever loved in her life, and the only life she has ever spared during her time as a desert marauder.

Novelette category

"The River that Passed Through My Life" Different Kinds of Defiance (March)

The ocean levels have risen and the world governments crumbled. The wealthy have fled to space. Nine years ago, Néia, a 63-year-old woman and former math teacher, won a lottery to live in a space station. Now, she lives off gigs repairing bots, cleaning windows, and delivering pizzas. But her heart has remained in Rio de Janeiro, and to come back she needs a good job. It's in Rebeca Soares that she bets everything: the scavenger, heir of fortunes and dreams, makes plans to visit Rio de Janeiro. And Rebeca needs someone who knows the place. They couldn't be more different from each other, but they'll work together across the canals of Rio after a historical artifact and reconciliations with the past. That is... If they can avoid the traps on the way...

"To Remember the Poison" – Different Kinds of Defiance (March)

Adoniran is a forest expander, a professional responsible to conquer the ruins of the old, oil-ravaged world and repurpose them under the sphere of influence of Verdoá. But in a bleak, abandoned warehouse, Adoniran comes into contact with the stuff of myths and legends: the spirits of a world left behind.